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September 21 2011 - And a blog from our sponsor.

May 5 2011 - Sorry folks but there won't be any regular updates for a while. Hiatus fever has got me by the billfold. I hate to be so lame. Here read this blog if you want to see some fun vandalism and maybe feel a leetle beet better.

April 14 2011 - The secondhand unwinds. If you're lost and you floss and you will find Steve... Time after time. John ralphed up an update the other day in response to Cockleburrs being nervous. Also, if you've got your eye on any art in the store, sooner rather than later. People are buying it! I just put Bill Murray in the mail.

April 3 2011 - So, there is a bunch of new original art up for sale in the store so do please check that out. Sorry about being so late with the update. I'm a bastard? I've got a blog coming that should explain things pretty neatly, and John has a blog coming soon too. I would do them now but it doesn't look good to be aggressively updating your website on a Saturday night.

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