beware the underdose

PartyPoker France, September 20 2011

Hi there friends, it is indeed September. The ninth month. The end of the summer. No more warm and careless nights, no more shallow conversations about swimming, and much less manual labor. And more comix. You like comix don't you? I like comix, but I also like getting paid. Take, for example, the recent financially dictated hiatus. Another example- playing certain games on the internet. Jobs and gambling, both good ways to make money. 

But aside from all the work and internet, I'm very excited for the very real possibility of seeing some real and human fans at the Alternative Press Expo at the end of this month in San Francisco. I love that city. I love meeting folks face to face, pressing the flesh as it were. One of my favorite things to press, actually. And there looks to be a good crowd of it gathering for this event.
So be well, check back soon, and prosper. More comix are coming, more opportunities are out there for you and I. Enjoy the leaves changing and see you soon!
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