Looks like some of the coolest babes you know are already into T shirts.


check out this shirt?

babes in t shirts!




You can wear a shirt and still show off your stomach! Read the manual!

check out this shirt?

Choppers, dude




Andy wanted me to tell you that the shirt he's wearing is from his hip-hop argument called Doom Fist and they are currently rocking the chizzarts and please, ho's, stop bothering him all hours of the night and day ok because he's gotta sleep sometimes ALRIGHT?! HE HAS JOBS.

check out this shirt?


sensitive thugs, you all need hugs




Today's picture comes from Louis, who rode to a hat farm in Mexico all the way back in 2008. The floor is made of LAVA (he's a geologist, it's fine)

check out this shirt?

which is more authentic, the donkey or the 'stache?




This is a photo of my friend from MA, who I've known since I was an awkward French student in middle school. She has the best taste in t-shirts and strange taste in friends.

check out this shirt?

Babes part 2




Something about cool hair in San Francisco. This picture speaks for itself.

san francisco nights

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