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  A Fine Example t-shirts are printed on 100% cotton, fine knit jersey tees from American Apparel. The images are screen printed using water-based inks, for the best combination of durability, softness, look and fit. All shirts are in stock and shipping.  

William on light blue t-shirt

William Stiles, caught in a pose of confused enthusiasm. Adopted from a pencil drawing from this comic, it's a good shirt to wear if you like looking at awesome stuff, being comfortable, and kicking suckers in the junk.

A light blue AA cotton shirt, image is approx. 13" high by 6.5" wide, screenprinted in black ink.

Available for $9 in unisex sizes S, M, L, XL, and women's S, M, L

Available for $11 in unisex XXL


Size and Style


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POST NO BILLS navy blue
POST NO BILLS light blue

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